Illustrator, Designer, Fun-Loving Gadabout

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I'm an Illustrator and designer with a professional background in web design and video production. I am always game for new work opportunities to round out a colorful career of making charming and useful things for people.

Humboldt State University

BA— Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design

Creative Services/ Front-End Developer

BizTech 2014— Present

Initially redesigned their website as a contractor; hired on part-time afterwards to work with owner on developing a web design services arm of the business.
Logo/branding design and consultations
I occasionally build the user-facing side of web apps for clients (ex: interface for medical records database entry). I still work remotely for them from my home after moving back to Sourthern California from Eureka in 2015.

Graphic Design Temp

The Jim Henson Company 2016

Assisted in the redesign on; designed modules and icons that were used in the final design. Created a reusable template for online style guides to streamline the process of getting assets available to licensors. I created layouts for new show pitch books. Color-corrected episodeic stills for streaming services and style guides. Created advertising materials for industry event brocures and Standees. Developed color palettes for stules guides. Prepped illustrtaions for use by licensors. Created logo variants for specific applications.

CEO & Chief Bottle-Washer 2014— Present

My own personal product development and marketing playground.
I sell apparel and gifts featuring my illustrations, as well as cast resin animal figurines. I have a small-but-growing mailing list of loyal fans, and am building my following using a combination of social media and paid facebook advertising.

Program Coordinator

Mainstream Media Project 2010—2014

Non-Profit Media Training and Placement for NGOs
I Produced PSAs, interview packages, infographics, and press releases related to the organizations we worked with. Trained staff on social media practices, represented MMP at a conference in Tennessee, and acted as secretary and HR department for the organization.


KIEM NewsChannel 3 2005—2010

I took over print advertising immediately and kept at it through the following:
One year as Production Asssistant; essentially the Creative Services Department Secretary, grip, encoder, and clerk;
updated ancient paper log book to a Microsoft Access Database
After promotion, produced nearly 1000 commercials in the next four years. Responsible for concept, storyboards, shooting, editing and encoding commercial projects, often with a week or two turnaround time, and multiple projects due at once.
In the fifth year, the Production Assistant position was eliminated in downsizing and all its duties were handed back to me

(707) 616-4708